Field Trip: Disneyland
Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions may be added, and answers may be revised slightly, so check back once in a while!

1.1 What are the basic event details?
Field Trip: Disneyland is on Saturday, February 25, 2012. Teams are 2-4 players traveling on foot, and the entry fee is $100 per team. The playing field is entirely inside Disneyland, and won't include Disney's California Adventure or Downtown Disney. Players are responsible for their own park admission.

1.2 How long is the race?
This is an all-day event, including 8-12 hours of active puzzling. Teams can check in either Friday evening between 6 and 8 pm, or Saturday morning between 8 and 9:30 am. Puzzling begins when the park opens. You can turn in your puzzles between 6 and 9 pm (it's up to you - you might be tired, but you probably won't run out of things to do!).

1.3 What do you mean by non-linear?
You'll have multiple puzzles and activities of varying difficulty levels available at all times. You can work on whatever appeals to you most, as long as your team stays together. You won't need to do things in any particular order, and likely won't feel the need to try to do everything. We'll be using Twitter to communicate with the teams on occasion.

1.4 Do I need to be a Disney trivia buff to do well in the event?
Not at all. There's no trivia section in this event. In fact, we recommend that you resist the temptation to research the park and the rides beforehand - you might spoil some discoveries that would be more fun to have in the park on game day. A familiarity with Disney might come in handy now and then, but is in no way required.

1.5 What is included in the price?
The team fee covers all the puzzle materials, and is the same regardless of whether your team consists of 2, 3 or 4 players. Park admission, parking, travel, hotel and food are not covered.

1.6 I'm flying in from out of town. What airport should I use?
John Wayne (SNA) is definitely the closest. All other things being equal, that's clearly your best bet.

1.7 Any hotel advice?
We've arranged for a limited number of discounted rooms at a hotel directly across the street from the Disneyland entrance (very easy walking distance). These will likely fill up, so we'll only send the specifics to registered teams. Other than that, you can stay at any hotel you like - just make sure you can get to Disneyland on Saturday morning.

1.8 Do I need a car during the event?
No. If you plan drive to Disneyland, though, keep in mind that parking at Disney will cost you $12 per vehicle. If you stay at a nearby hotel, the SuperShuttle from John Wayne airport to the Disney area is currently about $10 per person one-way, and a cab ride is about $40 for 4 people.

1.9 Are you affiliated with Disney?
No, Shinteki is not associated in any official way with the Walt Disney Company, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates. You'll be subject to all of the normal rules for guests in the park, and won't have any sort of special privileges. Remember - no running!

1.10 Do I need to ride the roller coasters?
Not if you don't want to. While some of the puzzles are tied to specific rides, always bear in mind that your team is free to choose whichever puzzles appeal most. A single team member may sit out a particular ride, but all puzzle materials must remain with the team that's riding - no solving on the sidelines!

1.11 Can I ride my favorite ride during the event?
Of course - we encourage it! Not only that, but there's a great chance you'll be able to earn some puzzling points towards medalist status in the process.

1.12 Is there a prize for winning?
Not really. We don't mind a little friendly competition, but the goal for us is that all teams have a great time. Teams can be designated as medalists (bronze, silver, or gold) if they achieve certain target score levels, but that's about it. We will post final scores on the website, though, so bragging rights are on the line!

1.13 What do I need to bring?
Not much - remember: 8-12 hours on foot! Definitely bring comfortable walking shoes, some pens or pencils, and a cell phone that can receive Twitter messages. A pocket pad or a few folded sheets of paper could come in handy for note-taking. We also strongly recommend a digital camera (one is plenty), a water bottle and small snack, sunscreen and perhaps a backpack or bag with enough available space to hold the puzzle materials (nothing too big). You will not need laptop computers, reference books or 2-way radios, and we don't recommend bringing them. You'd regret having to carry all that stuff around all day!

1.14 Can I use the internet or call an "ops" team for help?
This is intended as a self-contained experience for the players on a single team. You won't need any information that can't be found inside Disneyland Park. We ask that you do not trade answers with other teams, or call anyone during the event. You'll want to have a Twitter-capable cell phone, but shouldn't need to make any calls.

1.15 Can I bring my kids?
Sure. This is designed to be a family friendly event, so players under age 18 may play on a team with their parent or guardian. While many of the puzzles and activities will appeal to puzzle-minded teens or even some younger kids, you'll need to decide whether your child is willing and able to play (and walk!) all day. Children under age 10 can tag along with their parent without counting against the team limit of 4 players.

1.16 Will this be as difficult as your Decathlon events?
From a puzzling standpoint, no. The bulk of the puzzles are very accessible (with a few doozies thrown in for good measure!). But the demands of walking around the park all day shouldn't be underestimated. You'll do and see many different things during the day, so players of all stripes should find plenty to keep them engaged.

1.17 I'm a fan of MouseAdventure outings. Is this the same sort of thing?
There are similarities between this event and a MouseAdventure event, but there are some very important differences. There's no trivia section in this event, and no formalized gathering of all of the teams. The time frame is quite a bit longer than the typical MouseAdventure event, and while many of the puzzles are on par with MA difficulty-wise, some are definitely a bit more challenging. Again, though, there's likely more to do than any one team will finish, so which puzzles you tackle are up to you. Maybe one way to put it would be to say that the MouseAdventure folks are Disney nuts who also love puzzles, while we're puzzle nuts who also love Disneyland. That's probably a pretty good starting point.

1.18 What are Shinteki puzzles like?
There are a wide range of puzzles and activities in Shinteki events. You can get a good start on the basics by downloading our Rookie Handbook and looking at the reference section. You can also interactively solve a multi-step sample challenge, or look through the Archives of our Puzzle of the Month. The puzzles in Shinteki Field Trip: Disneyland will be a bit easier than our usual open events, so expect to find some brain teasers and fun activities that anyone can do.

1.19 Any other advice?
If you're traveling to Anaheim for the event, or if you just want to know a bit more about some Disneyland tips and logistics, be sure to check out MousePlanet. This is the site of the group who runs the MouseAdventure events, and it's chock full of useful information for the Disneyland visitor.

1.20 If I played this event in 2009, can I play again?
Yes, with new teammates. We realize that a lot of players would like to return and play again with their family or friends instead of their regular puzzle team. Chances are, you may not have solved several of the puzzles the first time around, so we would suggest focusing on those puzzles. If your team wants to solve one that you are already familiar with, just take a step back and let them enjoy solving it. We will also be adding a small number of new puzzles, most of them beginner level.

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